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    Is there any available information on the updated TrueRNG mentioned here (Post #608)?

    Specifically availability and ordering information? As well as how to tell a v1 from a v2, will they be labeled?


    #763 Staff

    Nick, we’ll send you an e-mail. Most customers already have v2 firmware.



    Apologies, this should have been called v1.01 info as described here (Post #806). As hinted, the below command should list the version.

    # lsusb -v -d 04d8:f5fe | grep bcdDevice
      bcdDevice            1.00

    v1.00 – Original
    v1.01 – Whitener update
    v2.00 – TBD

    #813 Staff

    This is correct.
    1.0 is the original firmware.
    1.01 is the updated whitener
    and 2.0 is shipping on new devices with dual noise sources. Some early betas might have gotten mixed up (such as a handful of updated whiteners still saying 1.0, or 2.0 devices saying 1.01).



    Mine is 1.02, what does it mean?

    lsusb -v -d 04d8:f5fe | grep bcdDevice
      bcdDevice            1.02
    #927 Staff

    Whoops, looks like 1.02 was updated so that the firmware base matches that of 2.0 code base, it should perform just like a 1.01 device (or a 2.0 device with 1 noise generator).

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