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What’s New

The TrueRNGpro like TrueRNG V2 provides a steady stream of random numbers through a USB CDC serial port. At >3.2 Mbits/s TrueRNGpro is 9x faster. TrueRNGpro comes with a variety of modes making it more versatile and allowing for independent verification of the raw data stream. TrueRNGpro now has real time monitoring of each noise generator with LEDs to provide visual confirmation that everything is working as it should as expected. The TrueRNGpro features dual independently shielded noise generators that are double shielded inside of an aluminum enclosure.


  • High Output Speed: > 3.2 Mbits / second
  • Mode Selection (Whitened, Raw, Diagnostic)
  • Independently Shielded Noise Generators
  • Shielded Enclosure
  • Status Indicators (LEDs)
  • Native Windows (XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1) and Linux Support (CDC Virtual Serial Port)
  • Passes all the industry standard tests (Dieharder, ENT, Rngtest, etc.)
  • Low power ~100 mA
  • Compatible with embedded environments such as Beaglebone, Raspberry PI, and UDOO


Supported Modes
Normal Mode Streams from both generators combined, and whitened
Normal, RNG1 Using generator 1, whitened
Normal, RNG2 Using generator 2, whitened)
Power Supply Debug Diagnostic Mode, Voltage displayed in mV in ASCII
RNG Debug Diagnostic Mode, outputs 0xRRR 0xRRR in ASCII
RAW Binary ADC Values from both generators, non whitened, See document on RAW Binary format, contains ADC bias in the LSB
RAW ASCII ADC Values from both generators, non whitened, in ASCII, “AAAA, BBBB\n” format, contains ADC bias in the LSB


Frequency Distribution

(Raw Noise Generator Output)

RAWASC 10MB Frequency Distribution Gen 1
*Spikes are due to analog to digital converter bias in the LSB of the PCM output codes.

Character Distribution of 100 MB file


TrueRNGpro Character Distribution

(Click to Enlarge)

A Character distribution plot of a 100 MB stream captures shows that the min/max of character occurrences are between 0.3905 and 0.39075 %


Bitmap Analysis

TrueRNGpro 100Meg Bitmap

(Click to Enlarge)

Showing the random stream as a bitmap shows no visible patterns like a pseudo random number generator does


  • Linux — The USB Driver is included in most Linux Distributions. There is currently application support under rng-tools for Linux to fill the kernel’s entropy pool with data from TrueRNG.
  • Windows — We provide a signed driver which allows the device to be used in windows with custom applications.
  • OSX — Support is minimal, driver is included in OSX but a custom application or port of rngd would be needed to fill the system’s entropy pool
  • USB 2.0

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