Clean Amp 2 in Enclosure


CleanAMP 2 Stereo Amplifier Kit

CleanAMP 2 is a 2 x 30Watt Class-AB low noise audio amplifier kit perfect for converting your favorite set of speakers into a Hi-Fi Stereo sound system. The kit is comprised entirely of easy to solder through-hole components and is capable of providing 2 channels of crystal clear audio at 30Watts RMS per channel. This version of CleanAmp has several improvements including an in-rush thermistor, a PTC resettable fuse to protect the circuit and end panels which fit a standard Hammond enclosure. The Hammond enclosure is not included.

Price: $39.95 MSRP 

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Kit Contents

  • Printed circuit board (2.953in x 4.724in, Fits Hammond Enclosure 1455K1201)
  • End Panels (Fits Hammond Enclosure 1455K1201)
  • Resistors / caps / transistors
  • Terminals
  • Audio relay
  • 3.5mm audio jack


  • Input: 48VDC 2Amps (46V Min, 50V Max)
  • Output: 2 x 30Wrms @ 8ohms or 2 x 20Wrms @ 4ohms
  • Gain: 47x [~33dB] (i.e. 1V p-p input gives 47v p-p output) and can be changed by swapping 2 resistors (minimum 16x [~24dB])
  • THD: 0.0215%, 1KHz @ 20Wrms

More Information

CleanAmp Frequency ResponseThe frequency response tapers off nicely at the edge of the audible range to reduce the amount of power wasted reproducing inaudible sounds.  This also reduces distortion since most speakers’ impedances vary wildly at very low frequencies.

Additionally, the CleanAMP has an Anti-Thump time delayed relay to nearly eliminate the “speaker thump” that is heard when many amplifiers are first powered.
When coupled with a quality power supply and proper grounding/isolation to reduce common-mode noise, the CleanAMP is extremely quiet.  At full-volume, there is very low noise/hiss audible from the speakers.




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