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    What software can be used with the TrueRNG V3?
    I have no knowledge of programming.
    So I have to be sure that there is software that can be used. Otherwise the device is useless.

    I am particularly interested in software (Windows, Android, Linux) that can be used for remote influencing experiments.
    As it is used for the “Global Consciousness Project”.
    But case-by-case experiments. For example, two “lamps” (on the screen), and logging which lamp was active and how often. Unaffected it should be 50/50.


    Hi Tobias,

    On Linux, you may simply use “head -c 10 /dev/TrueRNG” to obtain 10 bytes from your device.
    This is the simpler way.
    Of course, you may adapt the device path to your particular context, and the number of bytes needed.
    Keep in mind that the device produces random *bytes*, not number. So it is your responsibility to transform the random bytes to whatever number range you need.

    Good luck,



    I am looking for finished software.
    I have no programming knowledge.

    Without finished software, it would be pointless to buy such a device.


    A couple of years late to the game here, so I apologize if this is no longer relevant for you. However, the only company I’m aware of that created a user-facing software to explore remote influencing was created by Psyleron. They are no longer around, unfortunately. Let me know if you’ve found something else. I’ve built and continually tinker with applications built in Matlab. Unfortunately, without a Matlab license, they’d be pretty useless to you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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