USB PIC16F1455 Breakout Board

USB PIC16F1455 Breakout Board

Small, low-cost USB PIC16F1455 Breakout board with an open breadboarding area.  This board is capable of Full-Speed USB communications using a minimal design.  Assembly is very straight-forward and DIY friendly as the design uses all through-hole components (even the mini-USB connector).

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NOTE: No Software Included. Can be programmed with any PIC Compatible in-circuit programmer or debugger (ICD2, ICD3, PicKit2, PicKit3, Etc.)


  • PIC16F1455 Full-Speed USB PIC
  • 48MHz Clock Speed using the internal oscillator
  • USB self-tunes from the USB Host which eliminates the need for an external crystal)
  • 14Kbytes Linear Program Memory Addressing
  • 1024 Bytes Linear Data Memory Addressing

Input / Output

  • 8 General Purpose I/O pins exposed (RA4, RA5, RC0, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5)
  • 1 General Purpose I/O pin shared with VPP/MCLR (RA3)
  • 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with 5 inputs (AN3, AN4, AN5, AN6, AN7)
  • Two 10-bit PWM modules (PWM1, PWM2)
  • Note: Some pins are shared on this PIC and may not be available for simultaneous use, please see the full datasheet for details.

Open Source Demo Software

Microchip PIC 16F1455 USB Stack (HID Example)


  • Data Acquisition – The 10-bit ADC with programmable internal references gives multiple input ranges
  • LED cubes, flashing, displays, etc. – The I/Os and PWMs allow a wide variety of configurations.  The PCB allows for the addition of 8 LEDs with no additional components to be used in a PWM configuration (i.e. heartbeats, bar scanners, etc.).  Up to 72 LEDs may be Charlieplexed using external drivers.
  • + anything else that you can think of within the constraints of this microcontroller…


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