We designed this because we got tired of getting clone chips and unnecessarily large breakout boards that were difficult to connect. This does exactly what it is supposed to with a Genuine FTDI FT2232H high-speed IC. All of the I/O is clearly labelled for SPI, JTAG, and UART use. An EEPROM is on-board that can be used for setting the FT2232H into more unusual modes.


  • Genuine FTDI FT2232H
  • High-Speed USB JTAG, UART, or SPI Interface
  • Programming, debugging, testing, and reverse engineering using OpenOCD, UrJTAG, flashrom, iceprog, and others.
  • On-board 93C56 EEPROM (for programming other FT2232H modes using FT_Prog)
  • I/O Protection Resistors and USB-C High-Speed Interface

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