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    Previously, I was able read from my TrueRNG3 usb using the “serial” function in Matlab to create a serial port object (thanks to Matt’s script).

    Matlab is phasing out the “serial” function and replacing it with “serialport”. I’ve set the parameters to be the same as was used when creating a serial object previously, but continue to get this error when attempting to read from the device:

    Warning: The specified amount of data was not returned within the Timeout period for ‘read’.
    ‘serialport’ unable to read any data.

    Has anyone had success reading from the USB using the new serialport? Here are my current settings:

    Port: “/dev/cu.usbmodem1101”
    BaudRate: 460800
    NumBytesAvailable: 0

    ByteOrder: “big-endian”
    DataBits: 8
    StopBits: 1
    Parity: “none”
    FlowControl: “none”
    Timeout: 10
    Terminator: “CR”

    BytesAvailableFcnMode: “byte”
    BytesAvailableFcnCount: 1024
    BytesAvailableFcn: @callbackFcn
    NumBytesWritten: 0

    ErrorOccurredFcn: []
    UserData: []

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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