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    I have bought two of the WIoT units from you via Tindie.
    The lead from the battery managed to break away from the board and touch the pins of the LiIon charger IC.
    So I’d like to replace it. The rest of the unit is unaffected and it still programs and does everything, except for charging the LiIon cell.
    Do you have a part number so I can replace it?
    I have checked with microscope and it is labelled KS50.
    Looking for a similar design and pin out I searched and found the LTC4054. Is this the IC?
    It would be good to have confirmation of this.



    Ubld.it Staff

    So sorry for the late reply, didn’t see this message until now. The BOM for the WIOT is on github — located here https://github.com/ubldit/WIOT/blob/master/Hardware/WIOT_BOM_Ubld_Electronics.pdf

    the Lion charger is mcp73811 from microchip as you can see on the bom.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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