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    I’m testing my new TrueRNGPro and I haven’t quite got the necessary sequence, but sometimes it seems like usb driver fails:

    [ 3799.330732] xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: xHCI host not responding to stop endpoint command.
    [ 3799.331066] xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: Assuming host is dying, halting host.
    [ 3799.331376] xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: HC died; cleaning up
    [ 3799.332153] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, device number 2
    [ 3799.332430] cdc_acm 1-1:1.0: failed to set dtr/rts
    [ 3799.332901] cdc_acm 1-1:1.1: acm_submit_read_urb – usb_submit_urb failed: -19
    [ 3799.333413] cdc_acm 1-1:1.0: failed to set dtr/rts
    [ 3799.334157] xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: Slot 1 endpoint 2 not removed from BW list!

    Afterwards I can restore proper work of the device only by reboot. Do you happen to know the reason or how to fix this?

    PS: Using VirtualBox 5.0.20 with Debian jessie inside.


    Ubld.it Staff

    This is a tough question. This could be caused by your usb chipset, or a snafu in VirtualBox. The only way to determine this is to do a little debugging. I assume you are running Windows as your real host ? You can try not passing the TrueRNG to the VM, and running it in windows with our Windows Driver. We have a tool called rngcapture that (runs in a dos window) but can create a large dump capture of random data. Start there and see if you get an error in windows. Next if you have another machine (hopefully native linux) you can try the TrueRNG Pro there.

    Virtualized USB is a tricky beast sometimes, and while we use VMs here to test, we found VMWare Player’s usb support much better than VirtualBox, not to know 100% the specifics, but something about proxyied USB versus passthru. What you can try also is turning off USB 3.0 support (the Pro does not need 3.0).

    Some googling on your XHCI messages point towards a chipset/bios problem on the machine, but your case in compounded by the Virtual Machine.

    We run each unit through a series of tests before they leave here, but if the unit is faulty we will gladly replace it. If you could help by trying some of the things mentioned above (new machine, windows only, vmware player, 3.0 off, etc) it would be greatly appreciated in helping diagnose your issue.



    Thanks for the response. Yes native OS is Windows 10. On Windows I haven’t had any problems so far. I’ll do some more tests on another PC with Ubuntu and get back.

    PS: I actually have quite peculiar results in generation speed from /dev/random which I find interesting, I’ll post it later and hopefully you can shed some light.


    Ubld.it Staff

    Sure thing, be sure to post any test scripts with the details, and possibly your rgnd configuration, since rngd is responsible for watermarking the random pool and filling it based on that, that way we can try to re-create what you are experiencing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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